Monday, January 9, 2012

part 1 / 13 : To be ready!

We are going to install eclipsePHP all-in-one with the aptana 3 plugin. PDT must not be used as a plugin inside aptana 3 studio (cf link).

Download eclipsePDT-all-in-one :
     -from eclipse site  (advice: PDT 2.2.0)
     -from Zend Site (include Zend Debugger) site
Choose the all-in-one version you need.

The aptana plugin for eclipse PDT will be download later during the installation.

Or download aptana studio if you prefere the standalone Version, it's here:

Download now xampp:

While these are downloading, we go to the next post, where we are going to download and configure firebug.


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    1. thanks for your comment. What is your blog?