Friday, February 18, 2011

part 2 / 13 : install firebug

up to now there is no version of aptana debugger to work with firefox 4 or 5 so you have to install the last firefox 3.x.x. To get it, go here :

Firebug is necessary to debug with aptana.

In firefox, go here:
and click on "Add to firefox".
Then, clik the 'Install' button.
click on "Reboot firefox".

it's done.

[edit 16/03/2011]
With my configuration there is a bug with firebug 1.6.2 and aptana. It's not working properly. For example, in case of an error, I don't get the variable stack.
My config : windows 7 64bits firefox 3.6.13

in this case, go there:
to install firebug 1.5.4

to do not have the automatics update:
in the address bar:

click right in the window
new->boolean value
in the new value window:

cllick OK

a new window appear:

select false
click OK

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  1. the mac version is