Friday, February 18, 2011

part 10 / 13 : install aptana plugin

Note : I did not upgrade the picture to fit with the new aptana studio 3 plug-in. I ll do it when I got time.

First go there:
Choose Eclipse Plug-in Version
And click download.

A new page is opened with all the explanations.

Click on the icon, next to the link, it will act as you have done a copy of the link.

Then come back to eclipse.
Help-> Install New Software...
in Work with: paste the link then press Add...
in Name, write "aptana" or whatever you want to write.

Then you have to wait, that a new line appear in the main section of the window:

select Aptana Studio and click Next
An other view appear, Next again.
You have to accept the terms of the licence agreements and press Finish.
You'll get this window:

Just wait.

On this window:

Click OK

On the next window, click Restart Now.

Done. On the next post will set the aptana parameters.


  1. Nice work, friend.
    But, can you please show me a link to install it offline? Because at work, I'm behind a proxy so I cant use Eclipse "Install new software..." . Many thanks.

  2. Thanks, and sorry to did not see your message before. I found that page for your problem : but I supposed you ve already found it. Tell me if it works