Friday, February 18, 2011

part 8 / 13 : setting PHP debug parameters

in Window->Preferences

in PHP->PHP Interpreters
for xampp1.7.3 or 1.7.4: PHP Version: PHP 5.3

in PHP->PHP Executables
And set the values like here:

Press Finish.

If you have other PHP executable definitions, make sure the one we configure is set as default:

To do it, select "PHP_Exec (CLI)" and press "Set Default".
If you have only one definition, it will be set as default and the 'Set Default' button will be inactive.

in PHP->PHP Executables->Execution Environnements
select php5.3 and then PHP_Exec (CLI)
(I'm not sure this is necessary to do).

in PHP->debug
set the fields as shown :

press OK

in PHP->debug->Installed Debugger
select XDebug

Click on "Configure".

Set "Accept remote session (JIT)" to "any"
Click OK.

Then an other time OK.


Next step: create a debug configuration for PHP debug.

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