Thursday, February 17, 2011

part 3 / 13 : install xampp 1.7.3

If you did not already download it: it's here:

If your OS is vista or windows 7 you have to deactivate the User Account Control (UAC).
In this page, you'll get all the explanation to do it.

Now, run the installation of xampp.
Then you'll have to choose the destination folder:

keep the default one:
windows: c:\
It will create a c:\xampp folder.
ubuntu/linux/mac: ???????? please leave me a comment to let me complete this.

Press install. It take a bit of time to be installed, it's normal.

Then you'll get this window:

Press y and enter.

Follow the next instruction. You should select the default value in each window.

When the install is done, you should have this icon in your desktop:

Click it.
Finally you'll get the XAMPP Control Panel Application window:

when you press a Start button, you should get this:
The Admin button permit to access to the parameters, we'll use it later.
Stop everythings and press Exit button.

Note to linux/mac users: please, make comments to complete this post if you know how to do it with your OS. I'll update the post.

In te next post: will configure configure xdebug, the php.ini and the httpd.conf

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