Friday, February 18, 2011

part 3 / 13 : install xampp 1.7.4

If you have windows 7 64 bit, don't install this version, it's unstable, install the 1.7.3. This post explain how to do.

If your OS is vista or windows 7 you have to deactivate the User Account Control (UAC).
In this page, you'll get all the explanation to do it.

Now, run the installation of xampp.
The vista and windows 7 users should get a window which indicate that the UAC is disable.

Then you'll have to choose the destination folder:

keep the default one:
windows: c:\xampp
ubuntu/linux/mac:  please leave me a comment to let me complete this.

Then, you can choose to install apache, MySQL and Filezilla as services. Not needed in our case.

Press install. It take a bit of time to be installed, it's normal.

When the install is done, you should have this icon in your desktop:

Press it to run XAMPP control, if you have w7 64bit, you'll get this window:

You'd better to install the 1.7.3 version!
Press OK.

Finally you'll get the XAMPP Control Panel Application window:

when you press a Start button, you should get this:
The Admin button permit to access to the parameters, we'll use it later.
Stop everythings and press Exit button.

More about xampp:

Note to linux/mac users: please, make comments to complete this post if you know how to do it with your OS. I'll update the post.

In the next post: will configure xdebug, the php.ini and the httpd.conf

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