Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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1) To be Ready
2) install firebug
3) install xampp 1.7.3 or install xampp 1.7.4
4) xdebug php.ini and httpd.conf
5) eclipse PHP or install aptana studio
6) new PHP project
7) configure external web browser
8) setting PHP debug parameters
9) set a debug configuration for PHP debug
10) install aptana plugin (if you have installed aptana studio go to the next post)
11) setting aptana parameters
12) set a debug configuration for aptana
13) a bit more but very useful


  1. Thanks for this tutorial.
    Is your setup working for javascript debugging to Firefox 6?

    I have followed your instruction but couldn't make javascript debugging work as the Aptana debugger requires firebug 1.7. Which does not work in Firefox 6.

    So right now, I'm just using the aptana plugin to help in writing javascript code but not to debug.

  2. Hi,
    the solution is to install an older version of firefox.

    uninstall firebug and the aptana debugger extension from firefox

    install firefox 5

    then install firebug 1.7.3:

    Is it working?

  3. Hi, I have a simple, but maybe silly question: Why Eclipse + PDT + Aptana Studio? I thought it's Eclipse + PDT OR Eclipse + Aptana... What is the advantage of this combination?