Friday, February 18, 2011

part 5 / 13 : Install Aptana Studio

Note: I did not modify this part from the time the version 3 of aptana studio has been launch. Then you´ll found the explanation for the version 2.

If you want to install Aptana instead of eclipse. Go here:, Install it.
Then install the pdt plugin in aptana:
In Window->Show View->Other...
A new window opens.
then select: Aptana Views->Plugins Manager
press OK

The plugin manager appear:

click on:

And select the PDT plugin:

Press Install.

The next post is explained with an eclipse PHP installation. It should not be a problem to follow. If you have a problem, write a comment.

Go to the next post: open New PHP Project. 

For linux/max users : any comment to adapt these explanations for your OS will be great.

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