Friday, February 18, 2011

part 6 / 13 : New PHP project

To create a PHP Project:
PHP->PHP Project

You get a new window, set the values has shown:

For xampp 1.7.3 or 1.7.4, select PHP 5.3.
If you have an other version of xampp, set the corresponding value of PHP version.

It's not necessary to Enable Javascript support, I have not tested it yet. Anyway, aptana will support javascript.

Press "Finish" button.

Your project is created.

You should be in the PHP perspective, which is selected with:

If not, press it. You'll found it in the up right corner.

To create a html.php file click right on your project and New->PHP file.

In File Name: index.php
Press Next button

and select 'New PHP file - HTML frameset':

It's possible to modify the template or import some, to do it press PHP Templates
Press "Finish" button.
The new file appear in the editor.

If you prefere to create an index.html file, it's up to you but I have not manage to debug it with the php debug.

In the next post we'll configure the external browser.

Note to linux/ mac users: if you see differences with your eclipse version, write a comment, I'll update the post to signal it.

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